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Nikan Research Institute, Nikan Research Institute is a non-profitable research institute dedicated, to research projects in the field of renal pathology/nephrology, especially in the field of renal protection. The main aim of this research institute is searching for novel ways in medicine, particularly for kidney injury prevention and treatment. This institute has also a publishing center which publishes books and journals such as “Journal of Renal Injury Prevention", mostly in its field of research aims.

 Main office address: No 8, 23 Lane, Farabi North Street, Freiburg Avenue. Isfahan, Iran.

 Postal Code: 81687-95341, Post Box: 81655-963, Tel: +98 311 669 2609 Fax: +98 311 669 2517, Cell phone: +98 913 382 0680 Viber: +98 916 294 0680 SMS: +98 912 143 9584.

Email: nickaninstitute@gmail.com

Nickan Research Institute


Our Mission: To prevent and treat kidney disease and to improve the lives of all individuals affected by glomerular disease

 Renal Pathology Unit address: Dr Baradaran Laboratory, Ferdowsi St. Isfahan, Iran,  Tel/ Fax: +98 311 2229284