J Renal Inj Prev. 2023;12(4): e32247. doi: 10.34172/jrip.2023.32247


Renal dysfunction in individuals with ovarian cancer; a review on current concepts

Azadeh Yousefnezhad 1 ORCID, Seyedeh Reyhaneh Yousefi Sharemi 2 ORCID, Elham Saffarieh 3 ORCID, Fahimeh Nokhostin 4 * ORCID

Cited by CrossRef: 0

1- Kumar S, Kanna G, Raja D, Kumar Y. A Comprehensive Study on Deep Learning Models for the Detection of Ovarian Cancer and Glomerular Kidney Disease using Histopathological Images. Arch Computat Methods Eng. 2024; [Crossref]